Why Food Truck Catering Is the Fun and Fresh New Way to Cater

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July 26, 2018
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September 20, 2018

Food Trucks catering is a fun new way to liven up your next corporate function. Your employees will love being able to order their own meal from one of our stylish food truck partners. Each food truck is unique in design and menu, that it creates an entirely different catering experience for your company.

Why Houston Food Truck Catering Services

You can choose one or more of our trucks. We then ensure your requested truck is available for your selected time and date. From there, we can help you customize your menu, stay on budget, and make sure your party gets catered without a hitch. Food Trucks catering also offers the following advantages:

Fresher Food

Food Truck Catering is just like catering from a restaurant. However, the biggest difference is the kitchen comes to you! A food truck is an entire commercial kitchen on wheels. This means your food is prepared right there on site. How much fresher can you get?

Customizable Experience

Food Truck Catering can be a fun customizable experience. Each food truck partner has a unique style that can enhance your event. From a special menu to the one of kind design of the truck, every detail can turn your corporate event into an unforgettable gathering!

No Kitchen? Don’t sweat it!

Food Trucks Catering is a full service experience! Once you enjoy your first catering event hot and fresh right from your curb, you’ll wonder why you ever catered any other way. With a food truck there’s no prep or clean up for you! Houston Food Truck Catering offers trained staff members to ensure your guests are well served and no mess is left behind. So the next time you need catering, think of Houston Food Truck Catering for a fun and fresh time!

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