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October 15, 2018
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December 10, 2018

Food trucks are the latest trends in the food industry. From Los Angeles to New York, street food is the prime attraction for folks. Not only are they prominent in mega cities but in growing cities as well, you can easily spot street food vending zones spreading over the city. From pulled-pork sandwiches to vegan offerings, the cool thing about these iconic food trucks is the wide array of ethnic portions that they offer. There has been a spike of popularity regarding food trucks in the last decade. According to the data, since 2009, the food truck business has grown almost eighty percent. Projections suggest that, by 2020 food trucks will be a billion dollar industry.

Here are several reasons why food trucks are rising to the top in popularity.

Rising popularity of street food

Whether they’re cooking burgers or escargot, street chefs are always creating mouth-watering meals. The variety, quality and deliciousness of mobile cuisine are staggering and embraced by the world. From savory, upscale dinners to artery clogging deep-fried desserts, street food tastes good and this is the prime reason for why food trucks are now at the top in popularity.

Fresh and local

There is no doubt that, mobile kitchens are bringing farm to table concepts to cities across the world. Most of the chefs are purchasing proteins, dairy and produce from local sources and producing better food than some brick and mortar restaurants. Consumers can taste the difference between those micro greens grown down the road as compared to the salad processed in a factory.

Novel approach

From evolving menu options to new units on the scene, food trucks present a novel approach to eating out. Mobile cuisine provides an interesting dining niche to consumers who have grown tired of being constantly barraged by messages from chain restaurants and corporate fast food.

Pleasure of open sky and fresh air

Some people feel awkward in air tight rooms. Most of the eateries have modified their dining halls to make a cozy atmosphere for the customers. But, most of them get fused over it. When the weather is pleasant, nothing is better than getting outside. A quick stroll in the park to a lunch wagon is just what the doctor ordered to lift the spirits of eaters in the concrete jungle.

A Boost to local economy and a simple solution to joblessness 

People, who are socially conscious, they do understand the food venders provide jobs and a community in the cities where they run. People are more willing to give their hard-earned money to local business compared to restaurant chains run by billionaires. Street food venders also boost sales in the retail areas where they work.

Inexpensive and healthy

Everyone can agree that light and freshly prepared meals are healthier compared to stuffed previously prepared meals. Food trucks are delivering on that. Plus, it is well known as that, street food is an inexpensive entertaining option. Owners try to offer an enjoyable dining experience to the patrons on the street. Workers can easily escape their cubicles and experience a carnival like atmosphere on their lunch break. The brightly colored rigs are fun, the food is fun and the folks who are taking your order are also very funny and easy to chat with.

Great way to enjoy fusion foods

Food trucks fuse different popular foods and serve them with different taste and flavor. You can easily get Japanese tacos, Mexican Pizza, German Gyros all together. Creative chefs are pushing the fusion envelope to create a unique dining experience.

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