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December 10, 2018
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February 4, 2019

Every company has a set budget for office catering and events. Keeping within that budget is no easy task, but the coordinators at Houston Food Truck Catering can help you find the best inexpensive catering in Houston to fit your needs.


Serving breakfast when desired

It is a well known fact that breakfast catering is a more affordable option to feed a crowd. So if filling your group at a sensible cost is your objective, think about serving breakfast or an early lunch. You can easily increase the number of bagels and pastries to stretch your budget. Serving breakfast proteins like ham, bacon, and sausage, in breakfast burritos or frittatas is another great way to stretch serving portions with our inexpensive catering in Houston, we can help consult on the proper portions and items to best fit your budget.

Arranging buffets and not box lunches

When feeding a crowd, self-service buffets are the most efficient method while also providing an inexpensive catering option in Houston. Your guests will be able to select their own meals rather than you having to worry about boxed lunches. Boxed lunches are sometimes not visible for your guests to see the options are filled with items some might not want. To limit waste and over ordering, a buffet can help look full but also provide variety.

Offer affordable cut of meat

Having more affordable protein options in addition to a variety of sides is another great way to impress a crowd. Side dishes are a delicious way for your guests to fill their plates while also enabling you to provide multiple inexpensive catering options. Fruit and vegetables are affordable and brightly colored so they are an attractive way to encourage your guests to fill up with sides.

Offer affordable cuisine

A few foods are more costly than others. So on the off chance that you require thoughts for inexpensive catering in Houston. Contact Houston Food Truck Catering. We will find you the right cuisine and service style within your budget.

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