Ideas To Make Your Baby Shower Event Catering A Memorable One

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Professional catering is an excellent way to make your baby shower or gender reveal party a big success. And, when there is no tension of shopping, preparing, presenting or refreshing the foods, you can unwind & relish the festivities.

Though you must always base your food menu on the details of your event – location, time, theme, and budget – these below discussed ideas will help make your event a memorable encounter.

Offer One-Bite Finger Foods:

One-Bite Finger Foods

Being in the business of event catering in Houston for several years, we can say that by offering one or two-bite finger foods, you can acquire many helpful objectives. You abolish the requirement for plates & flatware – decreasing both your cost & the quantity of garbage your party produces.

Also, you will be able to provide more variety to your invitees. As a general rule, plan for 5-6 different foods and 2 of each item per guest.

Vary Your Food Offerings:

Vary Your Food Offerings

The likes & dislikes of your guests will vary, and in most cases, dietary restrictions will be a consideration. Be certain to provide a range of items so everybody has plenty to eat, even if they cannot eat everything.

Discuss with the mom-to-be regarding her dietary restrictions. Possibilities are, she won’t be able to eat specific foods such as soft cheeses, some sort of fish, raw or undercooked fish, egg, meat, etc. Use your decision but, if she is restricted from anything she especially likes, you may wish to consider not including those items in your menu.

Also, you may have invitees who follow special diets or have dietary restrictions because of medical reasons. Take into account having at least a few vegan or vegetarian options as well.

Go Easy on Food-Associated Kitsch:

Food-Associated Kitsch

On the internet, you can find countless blogs and articles with ideas for pink and blue food and even for foods that do the gender reveal themselves. As endearing as these might seem, keep in mind that they have been staged by a food professional & photographed by a pro cameraman.

When you hire a seasoned caterer like Houston Food Truck Catering – you will have all the assistance you require to plan a buffet, light reception, hours d’ oeuvres or whatever kinds of menu you like.

We specialized in event management and corporate catering in Houston. Book our service now if you are planning any special event catering.

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