How To Organize Food Or How To Hire A Food Truck For An Event?

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November 6, 2019
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January 6, 2020
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Food trucks for event catering can bring fun and also bring a fresh vibe to your next party or office catering. You can choose the best one from a wide assortment of cuisine from our vast selection of food trucks. The food drinks and desserts we made are fresh on the spot and served quickly to your guests.

Calculate how much food you will need

We also know that a successful event fails due to a few main things like excellent drinks and delicious food. Then how do you know the quantity of food to buy or order to satisfy their needs? It is a common question and is worthy of some consideration. We never ever want to bring you in the embarrassing situation of having run out of food. We bring as per your guest list. So the menu for the event catering in Houston should not be over-order, over-pay, and have to dispose of any leftovers.

Our offices catering in Houston are pleased to serve your corporate guests and make your corporate event unique and memorable. We radiate with creative ideas and love to execute it over-the-top corporate catering services in Houston. So far as drinks are concerned, properly stocked bar and manned by able serving staff, make the thing effortless. On average, a guest will take two drinks at the first hour of the party and one more in every hour’s gap. However, it’s always a good idea to stock the bar with extra liquor and mixers to accommodate unexpected group shows up or if the party lasts longer than anticipated.

The meal and food types

The thumb rule for every office catering we provide in Houston is based on appetizer, breakfasts, lunch, snacks and tea, dinner, and deserts. It also depends on your budget, time frame of your corporate event, and what food option you prefer. The food that you serve in a corporate event depends on the type of event you are hosting. Regardless of conference meetings, business promotion, or a cocktail party, you need to plan out the system or order in which food and drinks are presented in the excellent way that you should make available to your guests. The breakfast menu includes a variety of foods such as bread toast, pastries, cakes, and beverages. The buffet luncheon food should consist of different types of food items, depending on the preferences of the guests. It should be a mix of seafood, meat, poultry, and vegetarian dishes. Evening tea parties can comprise of tea, cakes, pastries, and so on. Dinner parties should have wine or champagne along with a full course of dinner.

Decide how many food trucks you’ll need for your corporate catering in Houston

When it comes to office catering in Houston, nailing the right number of food trucks to book is a deceptively tricky mission. Perhaps this is a critical issue you may have encountered while hiring our catering option in your corporate catering. We have a wide range of food trucks to serve different food, preparation times, and capacities to serve. But we have our unique formulas out there to help you figure out how many food trucks to book. We ensure you won’t run over your budget, and your guests’ hunger won’t run over their limits as well. When we are with you, your guests have no need to wait in line for the food of their choice!

Find the best food trucks for your event.

Are you planning to organize a party at your office? Getting food trucks for your event is not hard to do. Our corporate catering in Houston will drive you up, prepare the best food for your event, open the windows for your guests, and start serving. Calling our food trucks for business meetings or corporate affairs is an ideal idea. We will able to help your entire corporate catering no matter its size, time, or food type. Our food trucks can feed 100-125 people per hour. If you want more hours serving window, you should figure a few more food trucks to accommodate your guests. In the case of a few extra guests on your list, we don’t hesitate to add another truck to simplify the menus and service.

We are the local food truck owners in Houston famous right now for bringing you exceptional corporate or office catering in Houston and make your guests delighted.

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