A Sneak Peek of Top Three Trends of the Catering Industry in 2019

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February 4, 2019
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Local Food Truck Catering

In any event, a meal can make the biggest impact on the overall experience. Therefore, whether you are an event organizer or the host, you need to take significant measures for satisfying the tastes of your guests or attendees. However, for that you need to remember one thing – taste of people change over time, so make sure you know what the current trend is!

As a leading catering company in Houston, Houston Food Truck Catering has brought to you the top three event catering trends of 2019 that we utilize to make our events a surefire culinary celebration –

Local Food Trucks Houston

Local Food Truck Catering –
For large events, people will travel from different parts of the country to attend an event, and as they are in a new place, they might want to try out the destination specific food. The best way to offer them delicious local food is to hire local food trucks catering service like us. Houston Food Truck Catering will ensure that you have a wide variety of local flavors available for your guests to enjoy.


Houston Food Truck Catering


Healthier Food Menu –
Today people have become more health conscious and look for tasty yet healthy food options. The success of any event starts with menu planning; therefore, make sure to plan a healthy food menu for your guests. As an experienced caterer, we know how healthy food is a hit for any party or event, hence, we prepare a menu that includes high protein and low-fat food options such as turkey, chicken, fruits and vegetables, kale, avocados, and whole grains. Also, some guests have dietary restrictions due to medical conditions and various other reasons. Therefore, we make sure to create specialized menus that include gluten-free, vegan, Halal and more.

Foodie Entertainment –
Being one of the most experienced and reputed catering companies in Houston we have realized that making food the limelight of an event is guaranteed fun. Guests and attendees of all generations and demographics love to know and experience the cooking style of the food they are eating.
So if you also want to add entertainment and great food to your upcoming event or party and wish to add our food truck catering service, then contact our catering coordinator, Katie at 832-444-9933 or email us at HoustonFoodTruckCatering@gmail.com.

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