Give your guests something to talk about!

Houston Food Truck Catering offers a fun and fresh catering experience that is a must try! Choose one or more of our trucks to cater your next party. Catering with one of our gourmet food trucks ensures a hot and fresh meal that is cooked to order. Your guests will receive a more personal experience knowing that they were able to enjoy their meal to their specific hunger needs, and you will be praised for hosting such a delicious party!

Traditional Catering

We offer traditional catering services for all types of events like company parties, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more. From start to finish, we will take care of everything, making sure that every attendee is well served. Our team works in conjunction to bring you the best catering service possible. We are your friendly caterers who care to make your event a success. Choose Houston Food Truck Catering for your next event.

Mobile Catering

Do you have an outdoor event coming up? Or maybe you are looking to have a more laid back catering experience. Whatever the case may be, we offer mobile catering services, for all types of events, all over Houston. Choose from 1 or more of our trucks to deliver a delicious experience that is sure to be a hit with all of your guests. All of our trucks are certified by the City of Houston, and are always sanitized before headed out to an event.

Why Choose Us?

Ever wanted to have a food truck cater your party, but you don’t know how to reserve one? No problem! Houston Food Truck Catering is here to simplify the process for you. You can choose one or more of our trucks! We then ensure your requested truck is available for your selected time and date. From there, we can help you customize your menu, stay on budget, and make sure your party gets catered without a hitch! Houston Food Truck Catering ensures that each food truck is insured, inspected, sanitized, and ready to go for your event. The next time you’re hosting a party, think Houston Food Truck Catering because it’s the fun and fresh new way to cater!